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Last update: 10 November 2020


PMut is a predictor of the pathology of protein mutations. It is the first big project in my PhD in bioinformatics. To know more about PMut, you can read the article I wrote in my blog, the scientific paper where we presented it or visit the PMut web portal.

You can also download my PhD Thesis to have a complete and contextualized view of this project.

Contrarellotge matemàtica

The Contrarellotge matemàtica (Mathematical time trial) is a web portal where online mathematical contests take place. Started in February 2017, the project seeks to promote mathematics among young people. The contests are real time, with all contestants receiveing the problem statements and the same time and having a limited time to answer. During the schoolyear we also publish 4 monthly problems of different difficulty levels.

Math Kangaroo solutions

Between 2015 and 2018, I published detailed solutions of the Math Kangaroo Contests (in Catalan). You can find them here: