Víctor López Ferrando

My origins are in Castelló de la Plana, where I was born and grew and —thanks to many good teachers— I developed my passion for learning. Nowadays I live in Barcelona, where I arrived in 2007 to study a Dregree in Mathematics and Computer Engineering in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, specifically in CFIS.

When I finished college, and after working two years as a software engineer, I dived into the field of bioinformatics, getting a PhD in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. My research, based on the analysis of big volumes of data, consisted in identifying protein mutations that are the cause of different diseases.

Since 2018, I am a cofounder and director of software engineering of Iomob. At Iomob we want to ease people mobility, integrating in one platform all mobility services in the world.

I'm interested in everything related to informatics, programming and computer security. I'm also very passionate about mathematics and its teaching, politics, scientific dissemination, chess, reading and many more things.

I hope you enjoy this blog, where I will periodically share some thoughts or things that I find interesting.

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